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March 15th, 2010

01:05 am - pi day
I celebrate pi day by being irrational.

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December 9th, 2009

09:12 pm - this old thing
Oh, lj. its been awhile. Im thinking about deleting you. I don't check you very often and there are a lot of old thoughts that well i don't think any more

should i just delete this thing. or just start over with a new lj. Or do i just chalk it up to growing and keep this one.

pay no attenion to all post below this point:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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July 15th, 2009

02:27 pm - if
If every one else in the world died. i would be the happiest man alive.

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July 10th, 2009

09:35 am - storm
So at about 3:30 (between 3 and 4 by most reports) a huge storm hit CF. with reported gust of up too 100mph. lots of rain and lots of hail. I slept through most of it (that is how i roll)

when i got up i thought to myself, yeah its till raining no work. but when i called in my boss said "actually we need you." so i got outa bed and went to work. It took 4 different streets to find one that allowed me to get to hudson because of down trees. Lots of power lines down too.

Almost all the people i work with have no power at home. My power went out at 3:30ish and was back on at 5:30 but other havn't been so lucky. Luckly uni has thier own powerplant with 99% of all power lines run under ground.

about half of the trees on campus are damaged. especially in the older part of the campus. all those big old trees. Price lab has had trees punture the windows. and almost every tree at price lab is down. (they had huge elms and ever greens) the tennis courts lost its chain link fense, and the track got a lot of damage. Including a scoccer goal that got blown across the street.

when i came in this morning you couldn't get from one half of the campus to the other. but i helped pull the branches off the side walks and roads. I also got the honor of unclogging some of the drains, so if you can drive down 23rd street you can thank me for finding the drain and clearing it.

i got nothing else. any questions? is every one on lj okay?

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July 1st, 2009

11:52 am - scars
So, i had a revelation a couple of days ago. When i got my head wound (from a gun*). It left a pretty nasty little cut. and people kept telling me i should put some neosporning (sp) on it or some anti-scar stuff so it doesn't scar so much.
When people told me that it kind of made me cringe and made me uncomfortable. So i would change the subject and say its fine.

It bothered me when they said i should do some thing about it because well, it already overlays two other older scars that aren't going any where. I have scars on my face and i have accepted it. If i let one new scar bother me then those old ones will stand out that much more. If i just say what ever scars are scars well then i can go on with life just as i am.

In the end i like my cut, and if it scars bad, oh well. if not, so be it.

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June 26th, 2009

03:29 pm - Jordan saves knowledge. or How jordan fixed the internet!
So, i saved the world of science today.
in my eco/evo class we had a debt about what came first lungs or gills. the student doing a presentation for the class (this happens every day) say it was lungs, i raised my hand and corrected him. He countered with internet knowledge power! he pulled up a web site run by the guy who's book we are readying (cool guy* (cool book **)). and boom its says lungs before gills....
prof and i argue that can't be right.

next day, they correct the web site. all because my prof knows some one who knows some one.... this is how science works.

*Neil Shubin
**your inner fish: about Tiktaalik. a early tetrapod like fishy thing. pretty cool.

(i should have posted this a long time ago but never did so i am now.)

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03:08 pm - ah, the summer sky what it does to me
So last night. i was heading home when i happen to glance up. the mood struck me as it almost always does on nights like this, and i drove out (not too far) into the country. I parked on the side of the road and laid down my blanket (which i now always keep in my car).

The sky was perfectly clear. The moon was a sliver and very low in the horizon, and darkish red. The only cloud in the sky underlined the moon giving it a surreal look.

the stars where perfect, well, i guess they always are. The conditions to view the stars where perfect. only two things could have been better. a. the lighting bugs could have stopped flying over me and flashing.

and b. I was alone. I been star gazing alone before, but before it was my choice and i could have gone and gotten my GF to go with me. But now, i don't have any one to get, or any one that wanted to go.
at first it bothered me. then slowly i grew to appreciate it.

I think for the first time in my life, im really single, and really happy about it.
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June 22nd, 2009

09:17 am - harmony
some times we lose sight of ALL our goals. We become to narrowly focused on one thing and destroy our selves over it....

Take a deep breath. relax.

While working in oppressive heat and humidity, i was in a terrible mood. Then a perspective shift hit me like a cool breeze and made me smile. The smile grew and it dawned on me

I need to buy another harmonica.

on a side note. I did some really great improv last night while i was in that terrible mood. All my rotten mood did was focus me, like a laser, into dynamic characters, definitive action, and the ever powerful yes and.

I need to take 4 hour car trips with my parents more often before improv.

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March 5th, 2009

02:52 am - convo from work
convo from work:

J: im excited for Easter coming up.

Christian co worker: Why?

J: duh, i like to celebrate the day that zombie jesus rose form the dead and killed the evil mutant Easter bunny and to this day every year we must find and eat his eggs so his off spring don't overwhelm the earth and destroy us all.

CCW: You are ridiculous.

J: okay, you're the one that believes the child of an omi-present, omi-potent mythical being was put to death and came back to life while freeing people from their sins. and you really believe it. and im the ridiculous one.

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January 12th, 2009

09:36 am - How to survive
How to survive a semester in college.
by me

Remember these three steps and it will keep you alive during this economic down turn.

1. keep eating food- food gives you energy for activities and with out food you will die.

2. Keep drinking water- Water is good for you because with out it you will die.

3. Get some sleep- sleep makes you feel rested by helping your body rest and with out you will die.

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